Chandrapur is a city and a Municipal Corporation in Chandrapur District, Maharashtra State, India. It is the District Headquarters of Chandrapur District. Chandrapur is situated on the banks of Irai River and Zarpat River. From ancient times, Chandrapur has fallen under the control of many different rulers. Chandrapur is founded by a Gond King Khandkya Ballal Sah in 13th century. Gond rule was lost in 1751 to the Maratha period. The last ruler of the Maratha dynasty, Raghuji Bhonsle III died in 1853 without issue. In 1853, Chandrapur was annexed to British India. During the British colonial period, the area of Chandrapur was called “Chanda”. In 1956, with the reorganization of Indian states, Chandrapur district was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to Bombay state. In 1959, part of Adilabad district of Hyderabad state, was transferred to Chandrapur district. In May 1960, Chandrapur District became part of the Maharashtra state. Population of Chandrapur is around 3,56,000. Chandrapur has a hot and dry climate. Chandrapur is a city of Forts and Coal Mines. The city has a large number of coal mines and is popularly known as City of Black Diamond. Chandrapur lies on terrain rich in coal. Chandrapur is called a “Geological Museum” as there is a large variety of rocks as well as commercially valuable minerals and fossils.

Chandrapur is around 150 km from Nagpur and 18 km from Ballarpur by road. It is on the railway route to South India from Delhi via Nagpur as well as on the Balharshah – Gondia line. Other railway stations within city limits are Vivekananda Nagar railway station, Babupeth railway station and Choti Padoli railway station. Chandrapur Airport, operated by the Maharashtra Airport Development Company, is situated near Morwa village on MH SH 264, about 12 km from the city.

People can visit many places in Chandrapur like Mahakali Temple, Anchaleshwar Shiv Temple, Puratan Vishnu Temple, Balaji Temple, Kanyaka Parameshwari Temple, Chandrapur Fort, Ramala Talao and Garden, Lata Mangeshkar Coin Museum. Behind the Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, in Bhiwapur area of Chandrapur there are idols found in open area which is called Apurna Devalaya– the incomplete temple. In the early 17th century AD, during the time of King Dhundya Ramshaha, Raiappa Komti committed to build a temple in the region. But due to his early demise, it was left incomplete and the idols were left in the open. After completion it would have been the largest temple of Maharashtra.

One can also visit places around Chandrapur-

  1. Durgapur, Padmapur, Lalpeth and Bhatadi WCL Coal Mines
  2. Moharli Butterfly’ Garden (6–7 km from Chandrapur Thermal Power Station Colony),
  3. Bhadranag Temple, Devi temple, Ganesh Temple, Jain temple, Buddhist Caves in Bhadravati (26 km from Chandrapur).
  4. Tadoba National Tiger Reserve Forest (Moharli Main Gate 40km): Notably Maharashtra’s oldest and largest National Park, the “Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve” is one of India’s 47 project tiger reserves existing in India. The total area of the tiger reserve is 1,727
  5. Ballarpur Fort and Ballarpur Paper Mills (15 km)
  6. Rajura Fort, Someshwar Shiv Temple, Cement Factory (25km)